Finished modular house
Skandic Ray

starting at 150 000 PLN + 8% VAT

about 3 months

Gross covered area 48 m²  / Usable area 40

This house is a blend of excellent design, functionality, and a sustainable approach to construction. It incorporates the latest technologies and materials that ensure comfort, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly solutions. It’s an ideal choice as either a vacation home or a primary residence, tailored to modern needs and expectations.

The primary materials used for constructing this house include high-quality Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), high-performance insulation, and a Firestone roofing membrane. The house is well-suited for use as a vacation home or a primary residence in any climate. Even the smallest joints are sealed to minimize the flow of cold air, leaving it up to the ventilation systems to exchange indoor air. The concept is based on the idea of a well-designed, functional, modern home.

A bit info about your new home

Dimensions: 12,0 m (L) x 4,0 m (W) x 3,6 m (H)

Exterior Walls

80 mm thick CLT panels, visual quality, sanded, treated with a light oil finish
120 mm thick high-performance insulation panels
Waterproof and windproof membrane
Ventilation battens
Thermally treated wood, protected with water-repellent oil

Interior Walls

60 mm thick CLT panels, visual quality, sanded, treated with a light oil finish, providing a very modern appearance using sustainable material.


100 mm thick CLT panels, visual quality, sanded, treated with a light oil finish
Vapor barrier
High-performance insulation ranging from 230 to 110 mm thick
Firestone waterproof membrane


Tiles or standard hardwood flooring, with an option to upgrade to concrete
Underfloor heating
High-performance insulation
Waterproof membrane
Protective layer (against insects and general damage)


Aluminum windows with triple glazing. High energy efficiency.


Intelligent LEDs installed in cutouts within the CLT in the living room, bedroom, and restroom. Each house is equipped with smart kinetic switches that can be controlled using an app.

Toilet and Shower

Fully equipped and ready for use.

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