Questions and answers


Offer selection

Choose your house using the contact form, add your comments, and we will contact you within 3 working days to propose the best solution

Changes in the project

If you have any special requests, please include them in the contact form. Our architects will discuss all the possibilities with you.

Individual projects

We are open to new challenges. If you have your own project, we will be happy to discuss it and see what we can offer you. Contact us via the contact form.


Payment for your house is divided into 5 stages secured by a contract:
10% reservation fee
40% payment for keeping the price for a period of 3 months
20% deposit after manufacturing the house in our prefabrication plant
25% payment upon the commencement of the assembly at the customer’s site
5% payment after completing the project


Timber frame construction

Our houses are built using prefabricated elements created in our modern plant. We manufacture walls, ceilings, roof trusses, and other elements of your home separately.


We use only tested high-class materials – C24 structure wood. It is dried wood, which makes it resistant to fungi, mechanical damage, and weather conditions.


We use mineral wool. Its thickness depends on the specific element of the house. For external walls, it is usually 190 mm – 215mm. Our experience shows that this solution works best.


We use modern 3-pane PVC windows. They are characterized by extremely good thermal parameters and resistance. The standard color is anthracite. However, we can offer other colors for an additional fee.


We use a very durable and esthetic solution, which is standing seam roof panels.


The standard method of laying foundations are concrete columns. It is also possible to use a foundation slab or strip foundations.

Electric installations as well as water and sewer systems

Your house comes with electricity, water, and sewage installations. We make all the necessary exits in the walls according to the project. The choice of sockets, switches, and connecting all the essential equipment is up to you.


Your house can be heated in several ways. We work with top contractors who advise our clients on the two most effective options:
– Infrared heating mats and foils are a modern and super energy-saving solution. They are also practically maintenance-free.
– Air-source heat pumps are a solution that works better in larger projects. It is also a modern and energy-saving option.


Our clients will get all the necessary help to select the right contractor based on our recommended contractors and determine the house’s energy requirements.


Client's responsibilities

Proper plot preparation: it must be possible for a car and crane with prefabricated elements to get to the plot. Supplying water, sewage, electricity, internet, and laying foundations in line with the project. We will also need you to organize a construction waste container and a temporary toilet.

SkandicHus' responsibilities

We will transport your house, make sure that it is appropriately unloaded, and put it together. All this will take us only a few days. You will receive a fully finished house in a shell.


Transport service

Your house will be delivered in several separate shipments depending on the model you choose. We will unload them on the spot with a crane and put them together like Lego blocks. We know exactly how to do it because we do the initial assembly in our factory.